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Aims & Objectives

To foster, plan, encourage and assist (using discretion) all types of development in the geographical area of the Isle of Harris, with a view to promoting an economic, natural and social environment that will result in a more balanced and stable level of population.

  • In furtherance of the above, to encourage and promote development and other measures designed to help fulfil the following objectives:

  • The provision of a diverse range of employment opportunities that will maximise the potential of the natural and human resources of Harris.

  • The stabilisation of the population level in the short term, with the longer term objective of increasing population levels and redressing the age imbalance.

  • Conservation of the best aspects of the culture and language of Harris and, where possible, the maximisation of their potential for economic development.

  • Conservation of the valuable aspects of the natural environment and, where appropriate, the maximisation of their potential for economic development.

  • Improvement in road and sea transport facilities in order to achieve economic and other objectives.

  • Decentralisation of the delivery mechanism of as many public services as possible to an appropriate location in Harris.

  • The stimulation and provision of support for the enhancement of social and recreational activities for the resident population of Harris.

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The development of a guide book detailing the oral history of Harris.


Part of the Harris Fishing Heritage Project.

36 Murdo and Calum MacSween (Dhomhnuill

Interviews in Gaelic and English


Details and images of walks created around Tarbert.

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